Submission Guidelines

Folklore Publishing is looking for authors with manuscripts and authors who are knowledgeable and wish to write about specific aspects of Canadian history and current affairs.

Please submit by regular post or by email as MS Word files or pdfs:

To submit a proposal for a completed manuscript, please send:

    •     A complete writer’s resume including your interests and passions

    •     An overview of your manuscript and marketability

    •     A chapter-by-chapter synopsis

    •     Two or three sample chapters, not exceeding 75 pages double-spaced

To submit your resume for consideration as an author for project ideas generated in house, please send:

    •    A complete writer’s resume including all of your interests and passions

    •    Three writing samples, preferably non-fiction with an emphasis on history, 20th

          Century people and events or topics of interest to Canadians

Folklore Publishing has an active publishing program that continues to develop titles in several different series:

    •    20th Century series: compendiums of biographies and stories of famous, infamous and

         ordinary Canadians and their accomplishments

    •    Great Canadian Stories series: biographies and stories of Canada’s history makers

         and what made them famous. These stories celebrate the people who have made and

         are making history

    •    Stories of Canada’s military accomplishments and escapades

    •    Tales of ordinary Canadians with extraordinary, heart-warming and poignant stories to


    •    Amazing and amusing animal stories

    •    Legends series:

                1. Tales of history with engaging stories of adventure, misadventure and humour:

                    depictions of people and events in the history of Canada and North America,

                     particularly the West

                2. Tales of the First Nations: stories of Native leaders who tried desperately to

                    retain a way of life threatened by the arrival of white settlers, their encroachment

                    on traditional Native homelands and the destruction of the buffalo

    •   Star Biographies series under the imprint Icon Press: entertaining biographies of                

        famous actors and musicians. Future plans for this series will feature Canadian                                        

        musicians, actors and political personalities.

At Folklore Publishing, we are developing a body of work that will create a library of wonderful stories about Canadian heroes and our glorious but often unsung past. With a focus on Canadian history and contemporary culture, the Folklore publishing program contributes significantly to the understanding of our community and ourselves. Our editorial policy consciously seeks to craft works that are both historically accurate and accessible to a broad readership, so that interest and pride in, and knowledge of, Canadian history and culture is stimulated in a diverse cross-section of Canadians, both those born here and those who have embraced this land as their home. We have adopted an inclusive rather than an elitist approach to the literary style of these publications to provide a valuable service to Canadians from coast to coast to coast. At Folklore, we feel that our output is limited only by our success in finding writers to bring Canadian stories to life.


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