Do you have the right stuff to write for Folklore? We are looking for strong non-fiction writers who can meet deadlines, preferably with experience as a journalist.

Contact: Folklore Publishing, 9731 - 42 Ave. NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 5P8

Phone: 780-435-2376Fax: 780-435-0674 • Email:

Frank W. Anderson

Dan Asfar

René Biberstein

Peter Boer

Tim Chodan

Eva Marie Clarke

Peter Conrad

Maria da Silva

Chris Gainor

Larry Gray

Andrew Hind

Tony Hollihan

Tamela Georgi

Brian Kennedy

Giancarlo La Giorgia

Timothy Le Riche

Norman S. Leach

Colin MacLean

Edgar McFay

Marina Michaelides

Omar Mouallem

Angela Murphy

Greg Oberst

Vernon Oickle

Jeff Pearce

Janice Ryan

Barbara Smith

Gord Steinke

Geordie Telfer

Edrick Thay

Glenn Tkach

Craig Urquhart

Stone Wallace

Mark Wells

Glen Warner

Natasha White

Lisa Wojna


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